Turn Some Heads!

Who we are

Get to know us! At Pittsburgh Hydrographics we are committed to providing the highest quality product in the fastest delivery time.


At Pittsburgh Hydrographics we help to make your ideas and custom concepts a reality. The sky is the limit when it comes to hydrodipping, and it is not only about camo. We also have many other patterns such as wood grains, designer, carbon fiber, metals, and stone.

Our Team

Our motto is “If we can paint it, we can dip it.” Sporting goods, hunting, and fishing, motorsports, cycles, and more. Striving to deliver the highest quality product and service to you! We use one of the very few 10ft tanks in the state, which enables us to take care of viturally any size job.

What we do

Looking to turn some heads? Here’s a look at just some of what we can dip…

  • Automotive Parts
  • Wheels
  • Valve Covers
  • Intake Parts
  • Grills
  • Interior Trim
  • iPhone / Android Cases
  • Computer hardrive casings
  • Xbox/Playstation accessories
  • Gun Stocks & Scopes
  • Bows
  • Skulls (including deer, bear and bobcat)
  • Home decor (light switch covers, electrical panels)
  • Mail boxes
  • Hardhats
  • Hockey/Goalie Helmets
  • and much more!!

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