Hydrographic & Water Transfer Printing

What is Hydrographic Printing?

Hydrographic printing or Hydrographics, is the process in which printed designs are applied to three-dimensional surfaces and objects.

Hydrographic printing is also known as  or called water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, immersion printing, hydro dipping or cubic printing.

What Can You Hydro Dip?

Our motto is “If we can paint it, we can dip it!” The hydrographics process is one that can be can be applied to any material that can hold a base coat and that can be safely submerged into water.

Because it is so unique, hydrographic printing can be applied to almost any surface. Metals, plastics, glass, even hard woods, stone, and ceramic are all ideal surfaces for hydrographic printing.

Who Uses Hydrographic Printing?

Anyone! Pittsburgh Hydrographics can serve almost any industry: Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Military, Firearms, Hunting, Outdoors, Home Decor, Sporting goods and more!  

Visit our photo gallery to see some examples of how the hygrographic printing process can be applied.

How Much Does Hydrographic Printing Cost?

Pricing on dipping varies.  If you would like a ball park figure on a price, please contact us. Harder to measure surfaces we can charge per square inch in most cases. We have a minimum order of 50 dollars, and prices do not include shipping (and return label).

To get an exact pricing or estimate it is best to contact us at info@pittsburgh-hydrographics.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get that custom look!

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